Utilize the maximum technology without being conspicuous.

Insulated glass


New heating system that can heat an entire glass surface evenly.


It’s not the evolution of glass, it’s the evolution of glass technology.

Do-Glass is a transparent thermal glass that generates heat by electricity. It does not pollute the air with radiant heat. Compared to heaters which blow warm air, it is very quiet and comfortable. By using the glass window, it is also effective in preventing condensation and a cold draft. Because the temperature can be controlled with a thermostat, you can use the product safely without fear of fire, burns, or short circuits. Reduces energy consumption by maintaining temperature using intermittent light control, making it a great energy efficient alternative.








  • Achieve a quiet,
    noise-free space and
    feel the natural


    By reducing wasteful air-conditioning, you can create a quiet, noise-free environment.

  • Prevents
    making mold
    unlikely to occur


    By maintaining an appropriate humidity that is not too dry, it can prevent the occurrence of mold and reduce the risk of allergy-like illnesses, such as asthma.

  • Prevention of
    cold air makes
    your living space
    clean and comfortable


    No exhaust means no health risks and a clean indoor environment can be maintained.

  • Effective heat
    control reduces
    the rising of energy


    By increasing heating and cooling efficiency of the room, the running cost of air conditioning is reduced.

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Insulated film


Thermal and instant light control capabilities.


Bring the possibility of film to the future.

Do-Film is a transparent, thermal film that can heat an entire surface uniformly. It can be processed to any form that fits your needs, and can be attached to various locations. Moreover, it is an ecological film which was created to be cost efficient while also reducing power consumption. This new generation of film technology, which is rapidly spreading,brings you possibilities that were inconceivable until now.



  • Ability to attach to
    ready made goods
    at a low cost


    Can be attached to most existing glass base material, while maintaining cost efficiency

  • Can easily be
    cut to the
    form you like


    It even sticks to curved surfaces.

  • Low noise emission
    and power consumption
    makes it an excellent
    ecological choice


    By reducing wasteful air-conditioning, it lowers running cost and creates a quiet environment

  • There are tips
    for of usage
    in various fields


    For example, by attaching to the roof of areas with heavy snowfall, it can also end the need for snow removal and prevent injuries.

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